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2017 Pan-American Individual Championship

The Zone 2 Director is pleased to announce that registration is open to the 2017 Pan-American Individual Championship.

Players from countries in the American continent may participate. This season, players from the ICCF Zone 3 may also participate. The event will be played exclusively in the ICCF webserver. Time control 10/50, standard ICCF playing rules including conditionals and live display with a 5 move delay.

Tournament start date: July 31, 2017

Registration deadline: July 24, 2017


    7 players per group

    Entry fee: $4 USA dollars per group

    Multiple entries allowed

    Group winner advances to the Semifinals. No tie-breaks will be applied, all tied players will advance.


    To be started as soon as we determine all qualifiers from the Preliminaries

    11 players per group depending on the number of entries

    Players rated 2000 or higher may register directly to the Semifinals with an entry fee of $8 USA dollars

    Only groups winners will advance to the finals, ICCF tiebreaks will be applied


    To be started as soon as we determine all qualifiers from the Semifinals

    Prize fund of $750 USA dollars (50% to the winner, 30% for the second place and 20% for the third place)

    ICCF tiebreaks will be applied to determine prize winners

How to register?

We recommend that you register with your national delegate , who may charge a different entry fee given delivery and currency conversion costs.

Gino Figlio

ICCF Zone 2 Director