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The Chess Correspondent

CCLA has produced The Chess Correspondent magazine since 1940! It is currently issued quarterly and available via email attachment (.pdf file) or as a printed magazine. Our chess magazine has won the Chess Journalists of America award for Best Postal Magazine seven times, in 1997 and 2001 - 2006. The magazine regularly reports on important national and international CC events, i.e., World Championships, Olympiads, and the U.S. Championships. Recurring features include (among other things) ...

 Latest ratings and tournament results, both postal and server
 Grand Prix contest standings
 Readers' Games taken from premier ICCF and CCLA events, annotated by the players and/or Readers' Games columnists
 Annual Best Games Contest
 Annual Readers' Survey
 In-depth articles on the openings. Previous authors include IM's Wieland Belka, Herb Hickman, Tony Kain and Wolf Morrow
 Event winners and Prize winners
 Annual index (by Article Title, Player and Opening (ECO code)
...  and more!
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