"Copy and paste" this form into an email and send to
or print this page, fill-out and mail with your check or money order payable to:

         CCLA, 1154 Dayton Drive, Galesburg IL 61401-1313  U.S.A.


Street Address or P.O.Box:_____________________________________________________

City:_________________________________________   State:_____   Zip:_____________

Email: ______________________________________

Check here ___ if previous CCLA member.

Please fill-in all that apply: ICCF id# _______ and ICCF rating _____ , F.I.D.E. (otb) rating _____ ,

USCF id# ______________ , USCF otb rating _____ and/or USCF corr rating _____ .

If you have no rating, estimate your ability from Class E (beginner) to Class A (strong amateur) _______ and CCLA will assign you an initial numeric rating.

Note: this form must be filled-out completely: full name (including middle initial) and legal mailing address. Rating information is necessary if you intend to participate in CCLA events. A valid email address is required to participate in server events and/or receive the electronic version of the magazine.

Regular CCLA membership is open only to residents of the United States and its possessions. A printed Chess Correspondent is included with membership. CCLA also offers an electronic version (e-zine) of the magazine (sent as .pdf Adobe Acrobat email attachment.) Members and residents of foreign countries my elect this option at a reduced rate.

All memberships renew in January. If joining in any other month, please remit the pro-rated amount shown below. If mailing a payment, please circle the item of your choice.
All prices shown are U.S. dollars.

1-YRfrom Jan-Mar (e-zine)$ 12.00
1-YRfrom Apr-Jun (e-zine)$ 9.00
1-YRfrom Jul-Sep (e-zine)$ 6.00
1-YRfrom Oct-Dec (e-zine)$ 3.00
2-YRfrom Jan-Mar (e-zine)$ 22.00
2-YRfrom Apr-Jun (e-zine)$ 19.00
2-YRfrom Jul-Sep (e-zine)$ 16.00
2-YRfrom Oct-Dec (e-zine)$ 13.00
3-YRfrom Jan-Mar (e-zine)$ 30.00
3-YRfrom Apr-Jun (e-zine)$ 27.00
3-YRfrom Jul-Sep (e-zine)$ 24.00
3-YRfrom Oct-Dec (e-zine)$ 21.00
1-YRfrom Jan-Mar (2nd class)$ 20.00
1-YRfrom Apr-Jun (2nd class)$ 15.00
1-YRfrom Jul-Sep (2nd class)$ 10.00
1-YRfrom Oct-Dec (2nd class)$ 5.00
2-YRfrom Jan-Mar (2nd class)$ 38.00
2-YRfrom Apr-Jun (2nd class)$ 33.00
2-YRfrom Jul-Sep (2nd class)$ 28.00
2-YRfrom Oct-Dec (2nd class)$ 23.00
3-YRfrom Jan-Mar (2nd class)$ 54.00
3-YRfrom Apr-Jun (2nd class)$ 49.00
3-YRfrom Jul-Sep (2nd class)$ 44.00
3-YRfrom Oct-Dec (2nd class)$ 39.00
1-YRfrom Jan-Mar (1st class)$ 26.00
1-YRfrom Apr-Jun (1st class)$ 19.50
1-YRfrom Jul-Sep (1st class)$ 13.00
1-YRfrom Oct-Dec (1st class)$ 6.50
2-YRfrom Jan-Mar (1st class)$ 50.00
2-YRfrom Apr-Jun (1st class)$ 43.50
2-YRfrom Jul-Sep (1st class)$ 37.00
2-YRfrom Oct-Dec (1st class)$ 30.50
3-YRfrom Jan-Mar (1st class)$ 72.00
3-YRfrom Apr-Jun (1st class)$ 65.50
3-YRfrom Jul-Sep (1st class)$ 59.00
3-YRfrom Oct-Dec (1st class)$ 52.50