"Copy and paste" into an email and send to "jerryhonn @ yahoo dot com"
or print this page, fill-out and mail with your check or money order payable to:

           CCLA, 1154 Dayton Drive, Galesburg IL 61401-1313  U.S.A.


Street Address or P.O.Box:_____________________________________________________

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Email: ______________________________________

Check here ___ if previous CCLA member.

Please fill-in all that apply: ICCF id# _______ and ICCF rating _____ , F.I.D.E. (otb) rating _____ ,

USCF id# ______________ , USCF otb rating _____ and/or USCF corr rating _____ .

If you have no rating, estimate your ability from Class E (beginner) to Class A (strong amateur) _______ and CCLA will assign you an initial numeric rating.

Select one only: ___ Traditional Chess (no chess engines allowed) or __ Advanced Chess (engine use permitted)

Note: this form must be filled-out completely: full name (including middle initial) and legal mailing address. Rating information is necessary if you intend to participate in CCLA events. A valid email address is required to participate in server events and/or receive the electronic version of the magazine.

Regular CCLA membership is open only to residents of the United States and its possessions. A printed Chess Correspondent is included with membership. CCLA also offers an electronic version (e-zine) of the magazine (sent as .pdf Adobe Acrobat email attachment.) Members and residents of foreign countries my elect this option at the reduced rate shown below.

All memberships renew in January. If joining in any other month, please remit the pro-rated amount shown below. If mailing a payment, please circle the item of your choice.
All prices shown are U.S. dollars.

1-YRfrom Jan-Mar (e-zine)$ 12.00
1-YRfrom Apr-Jun (e-zine)$ 9.00
1-YRfrom Jul-Sep (e-zine)$ 6.00
1-YRfrom Oct-Dec (e-zine)$ 3.00
2-YRfrom Jan-Mar (e-zine)$ 22.00
2-YRfrom Apr-Jun (e-zine)$ 19.00
2-YRfrom Jul-Sep (e-zine)$ 16.00
2-YRfrom Oct-Dec (e-zine)$ 13.00
3-YRfrom Jan-Mar (e-zine)$ 30.00
3-YRfrom Apr-Jun (e-zine)$ 27.00
3-YRfrom Jul-Sep (e-zine)$ 24.00
3-YRfrom Oct-Dec (e-zine)$ 21.00
1-YRfrom Jan-Mar (2nd class)$ 20.00
1-YRfrom Apr-Jun (2nd class)$ 15.00
1-YRfrom Jul-Sep (2nd class)$ 10.00
1-YRfrom Oct-Dec (2nd class)$ 5.00
2-YRfrom Jan-Mar (2nd class)$ 38.00
2-YRfrom Apr-Jun (2nd class)$ 33.00
2-YRfrom Jul-Sep (2nd class)$ 28.00
2-YRfrom Oct-Dec (2nd class)$ 23.00
3-YRfrom Jan-Mar (2nd class)$ 54.00
3-YRfrom Apr-Jun (2nd class)$ 49.00
3-YRfrom Jul-Sep (2nd class)$ 44.00
3-YRfrom Oct-Dec (2nd class)$ 39.00