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Errol Acosta

2013 CCLA Server

Team Championship

Board 6

CCLA member Errol Acosta photographed at the chess board

Although born and raised in Hawaii, I am a full-blooded Filipino. I am married to my wife Cheryl with no kids, just two dogs, Calvin & Cody.

I love Jazz and Blues music.

In this month, I will have served a total of (18) years in the United States Marine Corps. (I am currently active and Gunnery Sergeant E-7). I left for recruit training in Feb of 1999. My Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) is a Supply Administration & Operations Chief; we do a lot of logistics. I deployed to Afghanistan once in support of Operation Enduring Freedom (2005.)

I started playing chess in 1997, my high school 11th grade year. If only I would have started earlier, I would have had better skills and weaponry. In the USMC it was always hard to find time to compete regularly in OTB chess. I started playing in United States Chess Federation tournaments in 2003; even today, with military life, I find it hard to drive out to over-the-board tournaments. Once I figured out correspondence chess was available, I played in almost every type of official correspondence chess tournament: CCLA, USCF, IECC, ICCF etc. Once in awhile I still enter official USCF over-the-board tournaments, when budget and time permits. But CC helps me stay as sharp as I can in chess.

My favorite chess player was always Mikhail Tal; he was an attacking genius and I loved the way he could give a game a twist plot in his favor.

You can find me always playing on, my favorite casual game playing area (chesspnoi). I play chess because it's the type of brain activity I embrace, keeps me sane and is one of my many outlets for stress.

Errol A. Acosta

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